Sunday, 26 June 2011

I have awesome friends

A quick post tonight, mostly on how lucky I am.

A friend of mine gave a necklace to his girlfriend last night, and was telling me about it via txt. He started his explanation with  “I’m not sure how much you get of it being a big thing”(with the implication being not that it was a bad thing, but more of a “am I saying this made my borogoves feel mimsy?”) .

I’m so lucky, because I have friends who’ll remember that I may not totally understand why exactly something’s important/what the hell they’re talking about (“borogoves feel mimsy”), but they’ll tell me anyway. And then, if I respond with “wtf is a borogove, and how does mimsy feel?”, they’ll take the time to try to explain exactly what a borogove is, and what mimsy is like.

So thank guys.

(the “borogoves feel mimsy” thing is totally stolen from Verbs_Not_Nouns, in hir essay here. I just saw it and thought it was a really fucking awesome explanation.)

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