Saturday, 16 July 2011

30 Day Asexuality Challenge; Day 10

10. What have other people said about your asexuality?

I’ve actually covered this somewhat, but hey, I’ll do so again (that’ll teach me to actually read ahead on the list before I post).

I’ve had my fair share of negative reactions, such as “you can’t be”, “that’s a waste”, “no-one’s really asexual”, “but really, which way do you swing?”* and, my all time favourite, “I’m sorry."(Not anything else, just “I’m sorry”, said in a tone as if I’d just said that my whole family had died rescuing orphans from a burning nuclear reactor.)

On the other hand, I’ve got some awesome reactions, and some bloody weird ones.
The bloody weird ones range from “ reproduce by splitting in half!? CAN YOU TEACH ME THIS SKILL?” to “You’re attracted to A’s?”.

The awesome ones are mostly along the lines of “cool/awesome”.

Those are reactions to me coming out, by the way. Other things which have been said by people after I’ve come out are a little more varied.

“I suspect you are missing a vital bit of this movie” (said during a rom-com. I suspect they were right, considering the character had just spent ~10 min lamenting how they didn’t have a boyfriend, and thus had no-one to shag.)

“ are you so romantic? You don’t even care about this stuff!” (after talking about dates friends had been on/wanted to go on)

“and this is (my name). Don’t try to ask her out, she’s not interested. On second thoughts, do. It’d been funny to watch.” (upon meeting a friend of a friend)

There have been other things said about my ace-ness, of course. But really, I can neither remember them all, nor be bothered to type them all out.

*of course, my reaction to that was “But really, I don’t.

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