Wednesday, 27 July 2011

30 Day Asexuality Challenge; Day 21

21. Your favorite asexual quote.

Geekily, my favourite quote is this one.

“His brain doesn’t work in that way. He would find [sex] weird and peculiar. He finds women peculiar. He is quite asexual.”
(Matt Smith, on the Doctor)

Not because it’s profound, but because finally I’ve got something to point to and go “See! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS THIS!” (I am aware that A: he probably didn't mean it like I mean it, and B: it really isn't profound, but I DO NOT CARE.)

And, less geekily, this one.

“Where there’s cake, there’s hope. And there’s always cake.”

- Life Expectancy, Dean Koontz

I am doing my best in life to ensure there will always be cake (or baked goods. I’m extending the hope to baked goods), or at least the possibility of said baked things.

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