Tuesday, 26 July 2011

30 Day Asexuality Challenge; Day 20

20. Tell us about your partner(s). If you are not in a (romantic) relationship, tell us about your best friend(s).

I’m lucky enough to have multiple close* friends, some of whom I’ve written about before.

S is one of them, even though we have known each other for a relatively short time compared to most of my other friends. S is the person who I can turn to when I’m not feeling the best and who will always make me feel better. He’s the person whom I can rant at and who will know not to take it personally (or agree with me). He’s the person I can cuddle and lean against, he’s the person who feels safe and real when I’m reality checking and he’s possibly the person I trust the most. He’s the first person who’s accepted me as me with no reservations, and he’s the person who’ll cheer with me over the victories, big or little.

B is also a dear friend of mine, although I don’t see him nearly as much as I wish I did. B is the person who went with me through high school, debating in maths in the lower years and being the subject of rumours with me. He’s the other person I can cuddle, and he’s the one who’ll debate obscure philosophy with me. He’s the person who came around to who I am, after many a talk and link spamming.

D, also, is a dear friend of mine. D is the person who sat with me in graphics class, who geeks out with me, who’s trolled through supanova every year with me, who changed my hair colour because she felt like it, and who is one of the reasons my friendship group has grown substantially. She’s one of the people I first came out to, and she’s one of the people who’ve mostly just accepted me being my weird self.

W is another close friend I don’t see enough. He’s the second most accepting person I know, and he’s the one I’ve had long talks with on relationships and societal expectations and kink. He’s also the one who’s joined me in long competitions of who’s the most seedy/ can say the most seedy thing without blatantly stating it. He’s the one who stayed up with me for most of a night when two people we know were high as kites, and helped me look after them.

As well as the above people, I have several other close friends. However, this is the point at which I feel like I’ve shared enough about my relationships for now with the world, and will instead end with a heartfelt statement.

To all the friends in the world, and especially mine; Thank You for being there. You will never know how much you mean to others.

*I really don’t like the phrase ‘best friends’, as I have seen it used to place what I consider unnecessary hierarchical structures on friendship (young girls are very, very good at this sort of thing), used to shame people (again, young girls are good at this) and demean friendship. The phrase also doesn’t really make all that much sense.

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