Sunday, 31 July 2011

30 Day Asexuality Challenge, Day 25

25. What is the worst argument you’ve heard against asexuality?
Worst as in makes no sense: “No.”

(No what? No it doesn’t exist, no I’m not, no unicorns don’t exist?)

 Worst as in wtf are you talking about: “Asexuality is already in use as a word. You can’t give it another meaning.”

(I’m sorry, what? Have you not read the dictionary or spoken any common language ever?)

Worst as in why the hell would you even say that: “It’s ok if your abuse left you scared of relationships, but not all are like that.”

(Just. Why? Even if I had been abused, I would be asexual. I would also not want you to goddamn mention it in public.

Also, the implication in this (that the only people who consider themselves asexual have been abused), is all kinds of horrifying. Stop it now.)

Worst as in hurt me: “You can’t be. You’ll never be happy, and I just want you to be happy.”

(Worst because it was a (at the time) very close friend who said it.)

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