Monday, 4 July 2011

Inappropriate Humour

(This is the post I was going to write a few days ago.)

A short post on things I find hilarious (which I probably shouldn’t) about rom-coms.

1: People* kissing is an inherently funny thing to watch. Seriously. Look at the faces people pull, and the lip grabbing/tongue mashing. It’s like watching a couple of cats try to eat the same piece of peanut butter, minus the flailing claws and blood (usually).

2: Sex scenes are also hilarious to watch. Especially the ones where the bed/walls/surrounding furniture/etc is shaking, because I always imagine that just off camera is some person who is kneeling by the bed, putting their whole body into shaking it noticeably. Either that, or it’s on really greased wheels, and any second is about to go sliding across the room and through the wall/out the window.

3. The plots are mostly really crap. Watching crap movies is inherently funny, because picking apart plot holes is fun. (Mostly, they can be summed up as “Boy meets girl, both are dicks to each other, they realise they love each other, plot device gets in the way, true love prevails.” Occasionally, I will concede, they change the plot. Not often though.)

4. A lot of the “Romantic” things would actually be considered either really weird, extremely creepy, or both in real life. I often imagine how rom-coms would play out in real life, and then laugh at the thought of the gaols being full of rom-com protagonists. (Seriously, randomly turning up in people’s houses is not cute. Nor is stalking them.)

*People being people I don’t know personally/am not actually near. If I know them personally/am near them, then it’s either weird or cute, depending. Or annoying. (mostly the latter, particularly when I’m trying to talk to them.)

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