Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 Day Asexuality Challenge; Day 23 -24

23. What is your favorite asexual pride image?

Our flag.

24. Write something or post a picture about asexuality that upsets you.

The bingo cards. The fact that we can make two is hella depressing.

(The ones with the paw print are the one's I've had said directly to me)


  1. those are just sad. i've only recently... i guess "identified" as asexual - i simply hadn't heard of it until then - but i've already come across a couple of those.

  2. Maybe you r lesbian. Maybe they havent fuck u well. I'm sure i could make you feel good. Im sure i could give you and orgasm. You just havent met the right person. Dont be stupid, shut up because you are not asexual.